Dive Sites

  • Lankayan Dive Sites

    A precious island hosting an incredible marine sanctuary. Lying amidst Sulu Sea, North of Sandakan, Lankayan proffers such fun and exciting experience exploring each and every dive sites around it.

  • Froggie Fort

    Froggie Fort

    Froggie Fort is one of the well-known dive sites around the beautiful island of Lankayan. It is situated on the northeastern tip of the island and it is just at the north of another famous site which is the Lankayan Wreck.

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  • Goby Rock

    Goby Rock

    Goby rock is one of the hottest destinations as diving sites in Lankayan Island. It is being protected by the MPA’s to protect the different and beautiful species living in this particular diving site. Before, it was being overfished but with new policies, the chances of the marine life to survive and become richer.

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  • Jawfish Lair

    Jawfish Lair

    A beautiful island with satisfactorily accommodations, destinations and diving sites in Malaysia is the Lankayan diving site. This includes the Jawfish Lair. Jawfish Lair is composed of the different creatures that include mimic octopus, which is as one of the best attractions in this place.

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  • Jetty Wreck

    Jetty Wreck

    Another captivating and delightful destination in Lankayan Island when it comes to diving adventure is the Jetty Wreck. Jetty Wreck is among the hottest and most popular diving sites in Lankayan and the neighbouring countries.

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  • Lankayan Wreck

    Lankayan Wreck

    Lankayan Wreck is a popular wreck diving station in the island of Lankayan. With a shallow diving depth varying from 15 m to 23 m, this Lankayan wreck diving spot is advisable for novice divers. There is usually no current here but the surface conditions can be rough. The visibility is fair, ranging from 3 m to 15 m.

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  • Mel’s Rock

    Mel’s Rock

    Lying in the south of Lankayan Island, Mel’s rock is a must-visit spot within the area. This small patch of reef is consisted of mostly hard corals and is surrounded by sand. It is also surrounded by other small reefs such as the Ikoh’s Rock, Twin Rock and Katcing Star,

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  • Moray Reef

    Moray Reef

    Moray Reef is an excellent site for spotting large groups of Moray eels. The reef is quite farther from the main island (Lankayan) compared to the rest of Lankayan dive sites.

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  • Mosquito Wreck

    Mosquito Wreck

    Mosquito Wreck is another fine wreck dive site in Lankayan. Here you’ll find a ship wreck that was once a part of Japan’s Mosquito fleet during the Second World War. The wreck is a sanctuary for many beautiful aquatic creatures including large schools of jacks, barracudas and species of tropical groupers. Outside the wreck, you are lucky if you spot the rare manta rays or even the mighty whale sharks.

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  • Pegaso Reef

    Pegaso Reef

    Another family of the reef that belongs to the one of the beautiful, peaceful and astonishing diving sites in Lankayan Island is the Pegaso Reef. Pegaso reef is composed of colourful and attractive reefs and corals inside the diving area.

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  • Twin City

    Twin City

    Twin City is another favorite Lankayan dive site that is known for its two small reefs. The reefs are closely divided by a narrow sandy area. There is an abundant growth of nice gorgonian sea fans and coral bushes in both reefs.

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