Goby Rock

  • Goby Rock

     Goby Rock

    Goby rock is one of the hottest destinations as diving sites in Lankayan Island. It is being protected by the MPA’s to protect the different and beautiful species living in this particular diving site. Before, it was being overfished but with new policies, the chances of the marine life to survive and become richer. The imposed policies make these different species more guarded, the turtles and their eggs are protected and there will be a preservation of the coral reefs. Goby Island can feed your hunger for adventure and lots of fun.

    Goby rock is also known as a home of goby. Goby is the guard that protects and alarms the shrimp and other species when dangers come. Goby rocks can satisfy your diving goals because gobies with different colours and descriptions can make you feel so glad. Aside from the gobies, you can also see the huge numbers of blue spotted sting rays and the white tip reef sharks on the reef edge. This is a diving spot that will make appropriate the nature much better.

    Goby rock is also a house of jaw fishes and nudibranchs that form a hard coral garden and made to be a cover. This will protect the upper part of the goby rocks. During your travel for diving in the goby rocks, you can experience and see the beautiful and fantastic species living in this area. Goby rock is one of the best part and destinations in the Lankayan Island. After exploring this destination spot, you can say that it make every bucks all worthy. Diving in this site will make you appreciate how nature looks so fabulous with time.

    If you are interested or have plans of discovering the wonders of Goby rocks, there are things that you should know. You need to know this valuable information to have some hints on what to expect and must do. Goby rock is a place to visit for water-lovers and divers that want to look for a new adventure.

    Dive Experience Level: Beginners to Advanced
    Surface Conditions: Calm to Rough
    Currents: None
    Depth: 10 meters to 25 meters
    Visibility: 5 meters to 20 meters
    Water Temperature: 26 °C to 30°C
    Best Time to Dive: All year round
    How to Get There: By an 8 minutes ride from Raja Ampat