Jawfish Lair

  • Jawfish Lair

     Jawfish Lair

    A beautiful island with satisfactorily accommodations, destinations and diving sites in Malaysia is the Lankayan diving site. This includes the Jawfish Lair. Jawfish Lair is composed of the different creatures that include mimic octopus, which is as one of the best attractions in this place. Jawfish Lair has a colourful mosaic with an attractive and healthy corals and reefs. Different species can be found in this diving spot that include jawfish, octopus and leopard sharks. Even if there are so many attractive things that people must look after, they should be careful because there are several poisonous species present in this area such as nudibranch and sea lugs.

    On your diving activities, you can enjoy and be astonished watching and sight-seeing the various creatures living in the Jawfish Lair. Some species found in Jawfish Lair are protected from harm and for their safety. But small reef fishes such as anthias and damsels are well-protected unlike other species living in this area and they made their own home. Some other fishes and species are also growing here.
    Parrot fish, trigger fish, trumpet fish and groupers are some of the different creatures that add appeal and attraction for the divers and even photographers because it is noticeable and lovely to the eyes.

    Other marine lives can be found in Jawfish Lair like blue ribbon eel, ghost pipe fish, juvenile cat
    fish, peacock mantis shrimp and turtle. Aside from the different and colourful fishes and other species there are other things that truly add beauty to this diving site which include robust staghorn coral, fine table coral, bush coral, maze coral and bubble coral. This particular diving site is being preserved and protected to become a better destination when it comes to diving activities.

    If you are going to experience diving and really love to see the implausible and remarkable creatures underwater visit the Jawfish Lair diving sites. I certainly sure you won’t forget this experiences. Read the information about Jawfish Lair below to be more knowledgeable:

    Dive Experience Level: Beginners to advanced
    Surface Conditions: can be rough
    Currents: None
    Depth: 15 meters to 25 meters
    Visibility: 3 meters to 20 meters
    Water Temperature: 26 °C to 30°C
    Best Time to Dive: All year round
    How to Get There: 2 km or 8 minutes from Lankayan Island Jetty