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     Jetty Wreck

    Another captivating and delightful destination in Lankayan Island when it comes to diving adventure is the Jetty Wreck. Jetty Wreck is among the hottest and most popular diving sites in Lankayan and the neighbouring countries. This type of diving site is unique because it is man-made, an artificial kind of diving site. Jetty wreck was constructed using small fishing boats that certainly add beauty and truly catch the attention of the divers and even photographers. Children, the youth and the adults will surely love this tourist spot.

    A charming and fascinating diving area is known as a home of frog fish which mostly found in wooden pyramids. Aside from several species, the most noticeable things underwater are the blue spotted sting rays, cuttlefish, scorpion fish are found. Except from those noticeable and fantastic species, there are some harmful and dangerous species but yet beautiful fish called lionfish. Jetty wreck is mostly located at the opposite of the pier as an overlooking of the beautiful and peaceful Island of Lankayan, Malaysia.

    Photographers, divers and people who already experienced and visited Jetty Wreck were satisfied and amazed by the lovely, attractive creatures and the different several of species found underwater. With the presence of various corals like encrusted pillars and reefs the place becomes more attractive to the sea-nature lovers, divers and people. Batfish, jacks, Malabar groupers are among the unique species living in this diving site. This is a potent place for marine life to prosper and sustain the challenging state of the nature.

    It is highly suggested to go at the month of April, June, July, August, September and October. If you want to experience unforgettable journey in your life come, you should not miss to visit and enjoy diving in Jetty Wreck. Below is the information you need to know about Jetty wreck to make your planning and stay worthy:

    Dive Experience Level: Beginners to Intermediate
    Surface Conditions: Calm
    Currents: None
    Depth: 15 meters to 20 meters
    Visibility: 3 meters to 15 meters
    Water Temperature: 26 °C to 30°C
    Best Time to Dive: All year round
    How to Get There: ½ km or 2 minutes from Lankayan Island Jetty