Pegaso Reef

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     Pegaso Reef

    Another family of the reef that belongs to the one of the beautiful, peaceful and astonishing diving sites in Lankayan Island is the Pegaso Reef. Pegaso reef is composed of colourful and attractive reefs and corals inside the diving area. Divers, photographers and people who already visited and experienced the exquisite diving site of Pegaso Reef were convinced and persuaded with the real beauty of the different creatures living and growing here. It is known as one of the best diving sites in Malaysia because of the untouched reefs and corals surrounds the diving area.

    Inside the Pegaso Reef you can see various giant clams. Pegaso reef and other diving sites in the Lankayan Island are being protected and preserve by the MPA’s. This move will help the government in protecting the creatures living in these sites from destructions. Through this implementation, the Pegaso Reef is secured and continuous to grow and bloom years pass by.

    While having diving activities, you can immediately notice the big black tip sharks and the countless fusiliers around the sites. These following underwater creatures are the most attractive and awaited by the divers to be seen. Another attractive creature which the divers will love to see is the presence of the bright yellow leaf fish. This specie has the ability to change their colours anytime and this makes the divers more hooked with the diving site. Looking at the different creatures, corals and reefs can felt enjoyment and excitement as you watch and creatures’ passes near you. But be careful because some of the species and creatures can caused you harm.

    If you are searching for the best dining sites with full of wonderful and divine creatures then Pegaso Reef is what you are searching for. Read the basic information about Pegaso reef below:

    Pegaso Reef Basics: Rocky reef slope
    Dive Experience Level: Beginners to intermediate
    Surface Conditions: calm to rough
    Currents: None
    Depth: 10 meters to 26 meters
    Visibility: 10 meters to 20 meters
    Water Temperature: 26 °C to 30°C
    Best Time to Dive: All year round
    How to Get There: 1 ½ km or 2 minutes from Lankayan Island Jetty